Cashmere Cats

The Cashmere cat is the long haired variety of the Bengal cat. Cashmere cats have a silky soft pelt and are very rare. For a Cashmere kitten to appear in a litter, you’ll need both parents to carry the recessive gene for long hair. That’s why it is very difficult to find Cashmere kittens, because they do not occur very often in the shorthair Bengal breedings.

Most breeders have focused on the short haired Bengal, but some breeders are now starting to breed this cat and trying to capture the Asian Leopard Cat’s wildness and beauty.

Take a look at our Cashmere cats girls!:

My Cashmeres come from bloodlines of America and Russia and are therefore unique in Europe and completely unrelated to most Cashmere lines. We have them in just about any color and 
only breed with HCM, PKD negative tested older animals.


Our Journey has been with Esquire .... hopefully ....

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